The TERRASTOP® Difference

The unique zero-batter, 2-way interlock, geometry of TERRASTOP® coupled with its integral architectural finishes on opposite faces, allow construction of above-ground structures such as sound and privacy screens

Protection & Security

Freestanding TERRASTOP® walls are designed to withstand the wind and seismic loads contemplated by building Codes according to site location, and may be post-tensioned or reinforced conventionally to create solid and perforated screens.

Quickly-assembled TERRASTOP® enclosures offer exceptional strength and durability around A/C equipment and commercial trash dumpsters. When built with perforated surfaces, they allow visual inspection of the enclosure interior, enhancing site security and keeping dumpsters and equipment well ventilated.

Footings & Foundations

Unlike modular retaining walls, which can be economically built above the frost line thanks to the flexibility imparted by an effective dry-interlock joints system, free-standing TERRASTOP® walls are normally assembled over T-5 footings below frost.

Local building Codes should be consulted to determine the frost depth of the project area, in order to build foundations of sufficient depth to avoid the possibility of differential vertical movements that may result in wall cracks.