The TERRASTOP® Difference

A complete range of landscape architecture systems for every application, from D-I-Y planters, flower beds, sitting walls and steps, to large slope management and noise-control structures for commercial and public spaces.

Scenic & Natural

The economy and long-term sustainability of TERRASTOP® projects are ensured by a modular design that allows construction of multi-angular corners and curves without special units, and the plasticity necessary to create a variety of architectural effects using its unique multi-textured units, for matchless versatility and cost effectiveness.

Who & How

The patented TERRASTOP® design, unique creation of a noted architect, is engineered to meet the most demanding structural conditions. Developers of one of the original Segmental Retaining Wall Systems (SRW) in the hardscape market, RBS professionals have been designing and building TERRASTOP® SRW's since the late 1980's.

Rapid Building Systems (RBS) products, like TERRASTOP®, are manufactured by licensed producers and showcase value-added features to reduce carbon footprint and skilled-labor content. Their assembly produces high quality, durable structures at lower cost, made possible by significant economies in material consumption as well as time of construction.