The TERRASTOP® Difference

The versatility of TERRASTOP® allows construction of interlocked steps with solid and open-tread designs, as well monumental, wide-tread steps used in country clubs, community pools and schools.

Accessibility & Safety

The flat TERRASTOP® structural caps are designed to serve as treads of Code-compliant dimensions, which together with the exclusive interlocked risers of the system produce sturdy stair steps applicable to residential and commercial hardscape projects. The versatility of TERRASTOP® allows economies in construction of outdoor steps that do not require costly formwork.

The solid construction of TERRASTOP® sidewalls serves to encase ADA ramps of any configuration, and allow secure anchorage of railings and posts bordering ramps and steps for a safe, coordinated assembly.

Colors & Textures

Standard TERRASTOP® color blends are achieved with integral pigments that permeate the entire unit. Popular blends available vary according to manufacturer's market, but custom colors may be produced for large volume projects.

Average size projects which require specific tones due to regulations or owner's preference are usually satisfied by application of permanent stains to the completed structures.

Contrasting surfaces of every TERRASTOP® unit consist of one face as rough "T- Stone" and its opposite face as smooth "T-briQ", allowing dramatic textural effects like banding and random patterns, simply by exposing either surface.

Noticeably when inverting textures on a wall, there is a radical transformation of the same color, due to the visual effect achieved through the contrast between the light reflection characteristics of smooth and rough surfaces.