The TERRASTOP® Difference

TERRASTOP® produces retaining structures of variable batter with unit sizes customized to every application, and capable of being built in record time thanks to their ergonomic weight and modularity.

Beauty & Strength.

The structural strength and flexibility of TERRASTOP® are unique attributes that work in unison to generate gravity, as well as geogrid-reinforced retaining walls of substantial height and durability.

The two-way interlock of TERRASTOP® units contains integral weep channels for moisture disposal, and may be adjusted to produce inclinations from 0º for minimum footprint, up to 45º for control of slopes.

The unmatched economy of TERRASTOP® starts by eliminating the cost of stocking and installing accessory items such as mortar, pins, clips and internal drainage fills

Safety & Resources

The design of earth-supporting structures, such as modular retaining walls (SRW's) is a function of their height and load surcharges, as well as the site soils and seismic characteristics of each particular location, among others.

The details suggested in the TERRASTOP® literature illustrate only generic conditions which must be adjusted to meet applicable Building Codes and local parameters. Formal analysis by qualified engineering and geotechnical professionals is required, in accordance with the methodology defined by the NCMA SRW Design Manual.